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Sunday, September 11, 2016
New text for an old song

Barbara Streisand sang this at a performance, and brought the house down. Lyrics to 'Send in the Clowns'


Is he that rich?
Maybe he's poor?
' Til he reveals his returns
Who knows for sure?
Who needs this clown?

Verse -2

Something's amiss
I don't approve
If he where running the free world
Where would we move?
Name me a town?
Just who is this clown?

Bridge -1

And when we thought we'd
Heard it all
Huffing and puffing about
His big fancy wall...
Making his entrance on stage...
He just shoots from the hip
He's full of bull__
He's lost his grip!

Verse -3

And if by chance
He gets to heaven
Even up there he'll declare
Chapter eleven!
Who'd elect this clown?
This sad vulger clown...
"You're fired " you clown!

Bridge -2

Hillary's kind...
Smart that is clear!
While she's giving us hope...
He is selling us fear!
Look how he changes his
Views every time that he speaks...
It's lie after lie
Can't take eight more weeks!

Verse -4

This is no farce...
Maybe he's broke?
Is this " The Art of His Deal "...
Or some awful joke?
You've got to admit...
This silly half-wit...
Is so full of_!

OK, folks, I don't like the lines on Hillary but I'll give Ms. Streisand an A+ for the rest of it ....

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