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Sunday, January 15, 2017


" .. Life in the United States is generally only about the United States. This is reflected in everything from American travel habits to American media to American curriculum in schools. But life in other countries is about the world. .. Statistics back up this apparent lack of interest in the rest of the world: a State of the Media survey found that in 2008, news agencies in the US devoted only 10.3% to foreign coverage.

.. I also noticed that how we present international coverage .. makes a difference. When watching coverage of developments in Iraq and Syria, newscasters actually interviewed Iraqis and Syrians. .. this was perhaps the first time I had ever seen an Iraqi or Syrian civilian given substantial time on television to tell their story. In the US, though civilians from these areas were covered briefly in video footage, I never saw them personally asked for their opinion.

In some ways you could argue that our media [U.S.A.] is just catering to what Americans truly want to know– which unfortunately, seems to be only about ourselves. People from the US generally don’t have an interest in what happens internationally. In 2013, The Daily Mail reported that in a survey of over 2,000 Americans, almost half of respondents who had never been abroad said that the only things worth seeing were in our own country. Almost a third answered that even if they had the money, they’d prefer to travel to local areas .. "

Go to the link at the top to find out more about this subject. It mostly reflects what I have experienced in several years of observation in the time between 1964 and 2002 through extended travel & work in higher education in the U.S.A. .... once this country had a most relaxed & laid-back business culture, now replaced by a fast paced, stressful business environment.
Not to talk about the decline in general knowledge of the "average Joe" - where (even some) honor students (!), the supposed 'elite', are not able to tell the names of the fifty States of their country ....

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liuea, 8 months ago

Mr.Yoda, 8 months ago
gib einem christen einen fisch
und er teilt ihn mit seinem nächsten. gib einem...
liuea, 8 months ago
Mir gefällt die allerletzte Variante
- Brett gehalten von zwei Händen - am Besten....
Mr.Yoda, 2 years ago
Total klasse :D vor
allem die Schreibmaschinentastatur
Wolkenweberin, 2 years ago
appreciation amused
wilhelm peter, 4 years ago
"use common sense" was what
my foster father told me in '63 - how...
Mr.Yoda, 4 years ago
stop worrying about stop-lists die
ägypter hatten 40 verbote die juden 10 plus zahlreicher verhaltensorders...
wilhelm peter, 4 years ago
I wonder why the
man doesn't just walk off ....
Mr.Yoda, 4 years ago
wilhelm peter, 4 years ago

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