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Friday, March 10, 2017
The madman is loose ....

" .. Although the Syrian army, with its ally Russia, has made significant gains against ISIS over the past week or so, the Washington Post is reporting tonight that President Trump has for the first time sent regular US military personnel into that country in combat positions.

This is an unprecedented escalation of US involvement in the Syrian war and it comes without Congressional authorization, without UN authorization, and without the authorization of the government of Syria. In short it is three ways illegal.
According to the Post, US Marines have departed their ships in the Mediterranean and have established an outpost on Syrian soil from where they will fire artillery toward the ISIS “headquarters” of Raqqa .. "
[credits: Global Research; based on Washington Post]

This is very bad news. Whoever thought that this 'President' is going to learn to be 'presidential' is now taught to the opposite.
The immediate danger of WW III has yet to be reported by our mainstream media.

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liuea, 3 weeks ago

Mr.Yoda, 3 weeks ago
gib einem christen einen fisch
und er teilt ihn mit seinem nächsten. gib einem...
liuea, 3 weeks ago
Mir gefällt die allerletzte Variante
- Brett gehalten von zwei Händen - am Besten....
Mr.Yoda, 1 year ago
Total klasse :D vor
allem die Schreibmaschinentastatur
Wolkenweberin, 1 year ago
appreciation amused
wilhelm peter, 3 years ago
"use common sense" was what
my foster father told me in '63 - how...
Mr.Yoda, 3 years ago
stop worrying about stop-lists die
ägypter hatten 40 verbote die juden 10 plus zahlreicher verhaltensorders...
wilhelm peter, 3 years ago
I wonder why the
man doesn't just walk off ....
Mr.Yoda, 3 years ago
wilhelm peter, 3 years ago

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